Nana: Chapter 1

My name and my parents
2:00 - Paternal Grandfather: boxing, pitcher, accountant, Irish, memories, traits
6:45 - Paternal Grandmother: Irish, stenographer, spiritual, her brother, 7 children, their marriage
15:30 - Father: school, MU, summers, railroad, sports, work, appearance, character, brother Charlie
21:30 - Maternal Grandparents: German family, from England to NC, railroad, unions
25:25 - Mother: move to KC at age 18, converting to Catholicism, character, appearance, memories of grandparents
34:30 - Childhood: home, parents, discipline, routines
41:00 - Early Memories: house on the hill, neighborhood, Sunday visits, Pearl Harbor, Union Station, Uncle Charlie in the Marines
51:30 - Childhood: brother’s seizures, roller skating, games, TV, rationing, stars in windows, blackouts, uncle overseas, V-Mail
1:10:30 - Korean War, Vietnam, Grandma’s Prayer