Nana: Chapter 2

Parents’ bathtub gin, Uncle’s socks, and his parking spot
3:45 - deliveries, walking home, house calls
11:45 - Grade School: processions, communion, priests and nuns, the bus
20:40 - Academics: 3rd grade teacher, May Crowning, praying, report cards, special nights
29:35 - Summertime: baseball, chores, allowance
33:20 - Sunday Mass: fainting, discipline, absences
37:00 - Dog, TV, Polio, Homework, School Pictures, Graduation Party, Bikes, Toys, Games
50:40 - High School: choosing the school, friends, mixers, my aunt’s letters, pep club, boyfriend
57:30 - Parents on PTA during school integration
1:00:00 - Little Sisters of the Poor: roller skating, St. Joseph’s statue, daily Mass, admired the nuns
1:07:45 - Meeting Bill: first date, 100 dates before marriage, parents opinions, falling in love