Nana: Chapter 5

Ted’s Story
6:15 - Move to Manor Road for 13 years
8:00 - Mrs. Atchity’s advice, 1st car with 4th child, the convertible, Ranchmart, selling the car
16:00 - Mimi and Baba, car accident while pregnant with Nick, Neighbor Grandma, the baby squirrel
25:18 - The World was Changing: church, pill, JFK, feminism, MLK, divorce, race riots - and no time to worry
35:20 - Bill’s Cursillo, 10th anniversary, 4 year valentine, marital adjustments, Bill’s work, golf, travel
46:45 - Hospitals and Animals: stitches, neighbors, the wrong Bill, turtle, fish, chickens, rabbits, ducks, mice, dogs, funerals, and no cats
1:04:25 - Vacations: Vegas, New Orleans, Bahamas, Babysitters
1:12:20 - Starting Traditions: birthdays, baptisms, class parties, hooky day, girls getting roses