Nana: Chapter 6 part 1

Family Traditions: domestic church, creating memories, the RV to Galveston and Six Flags, the beans in the bottle
7:30 - Passover Meals, Thanksgiving, managing children at Mass, communion with Joe
12:30 - The Kitchen Ministry: Lori’s friend Mary Jane, Friendship with Kitzi, Hiring Melody
27:40 - Camping Trips: Estes Park, Driving in the Mountains, Trip to the Ozarks
39:30 - Sanity with Jesus: laundry basket, unloading problems, the checkbook
45:40 - Mom’s Garage Sales
48:50 - Christmas: building toys, hiding toys at neighbors, kids waking up early, the year with Bill’s parents
54:00 - Vince: last baby on Manor, Baptism party
55:00 - An Open Home: neighbors, nieces and nephews, Father B, Anne Marie missing

Nana: Chapter 6 part 2

The House on Westover: big, old, needed work, fixed it up for the charity show house, naming each room, putting up signs
10:30 - Trip to Hawaii: $5 for food, Anne Marie stuck on the catamaran, Nick’s sunburn, Jeff’s phone bill
12:50 - The Beach: rented houses in SC, Jimmy Owens, kids lived in carriage house during college summers, driving in two cars, wrecking the car in the driveway, laundry, the van was a lemon, lost Billy in East St. Louis, driving all night, Billy wandering on the beach, Nick’s date
27:20 - My Best Day: “Keep On Singing” message
34:30 - The year with 23 people at the house
Always fun mixes with great memories