Papa: Chapter 1

1:10 - Paternal Grandparents: from Germany, meeting at boarding house, employment, marriage and children, working with no sales tax, Meiner’s grocery store, lumber mill
13:00 - Meeting the Prier brothers, business story
19:20 - Hodes and Dierks family connections
21:30 - Maternal Grandparents: lumber yards, move to KC, acreage at 5941 Ward Parkway, grandmother’s family plumbing, Irish Catholics, 10 children, memories of cook and gardener
33:15 - Grandmother Dierks: Packard and chauffeur, family camp in CO, yard man Sherman Weathers, Aunt Ella, Uncle Jack and Uncle Neil
40:00 - Father: appearance, health, school, business
44:06 - Parents: religion, vacations, flat tires, disciplinarians, music
52:00 - Parents’ relationship, marriage, how they met, their role as grandparents