Papa: Chapter 2

Paternal Grandparents
Letter from cousin Kenny
7:40 - Father: moving the parish, Liberty cabbage, De La Salle, football at Rockhurst, working at Prier Brass, working at Hodes Company, hiring veterans, religion, retirement
17:15 - Note from Dad’s Bible
22:30 - Mother: family St. Theresa’s, trip to Europe, marriage, children, early memories
24:45 - Letter to Mom
27:35 - Memories of Mom: cookie closet, laundry, dishes, eggs in my pockets, as a widow, her maid Edith, her air-conditioned bedroom
33:45 - Mom’s Eulogy
40:30 - Siblings: Karosie, Louie, Betty Jean, Bobby, Margie, Me, Jeanne, Martha, Steve
50:45 - Terrence David Quinn’s story
54:00 - Assorted memories from Huntington Rd.